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Life Long Smiles
Dental Hygiene Clinic 

"Your healthy smile starts with us"

An Integrative, Holistic Approach To Dental Hygiene Care

With today’s health conscious world in mind, Life Long Smiles is pleased to announce the implementation of a Holistic approach to dental hygiene care using natural therapies in combination with conventional treatment. Life Long Smiles passionately strives to educate on the connection between oral health and total body wellness.

Indulge in your dental hygiene care! We are situated in a spa-like atmosphere where our treatment room is infused with aromatherapy using organic essential oils to help ease dental anxiety and to relax your inner mind. Our candle-lit ambiance will be sure to have a soothing and calming effect during your treatment. You will be pleased to know there are NO typical dental smells in our clinic and our spa music will help achieve a serene state of mind while we take care of your dental hygiene care. Life Long Smiles uses fluoride free, all natural organic products when possible. 

Adult Dental Hygiene Teeth Cleaning
(13 years +) $80.00 

Child Dental Hygiene Teeth Cleaning
(12 years & under) $60.00

In Office Teeth Whitening
Customized Treatment